Founded in 1946, The Humanitarian Trust builds relationships with charities, especially smaller organisations where the grants can make an impact.  It supports education, the relief of hardship and disability, as well as social and medical projects. The Trust does not generally give grants to support administration costs alone, preferring specific projects.

Student Grants

In additional to its charitable donations, The Humanitarian Trust awards one-off grants of a maximum of £1,000 to students each year who have a shortfall in their income needed to complete their course of study.

Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria must be met for the Trust to consider a grant:

•    Students must be studying for a higher degree in an academic subject (Masters, PhD, Medicine, Dentistry or similar) or a graduate degree at a university in England or Wales.
•    Students who apply must plan to remain resident in England or Wales throughout the course of study.
•    Students must not be over 30 years of age when they complete their course
•    Students must have secured the majority of their required income needed for the year - whether this is through student loans, scholarships, university hardship grants, grants from charitable trusts, employment, family contributions or similar.  Please indicate what other grants or loans have been applied for
•    Grants must be used for tuition fees or living expenses only
•    Students must provide details of financial circumstances including a budget of expected income and outgoings, highlighting the total deficit 
•    Students must not exceed the maximum shortfall of £2,000
•    Successful awardees must provide a short report to the Trustees at the end of the term of the grant detailing their progress and what has been achieved


Grants are not awarded for non-academic courses in art, music, theatre, youth work or sports; overseas courses, travel-related or fieldwork research projects will not be supported.  Also not considered are distance learning, correspondence, part-time and short-term courses.

Application Procedure and Timelines

Grants are reviewed annually in March and April.  

A completed form must be submitted by email with all the information requested.  The application cycle opens from 1st November to 15th January each year. Early or late submissions received outside of this timeline will not be considered and will need to be duly resubmitted.

Download the Application Form here

The application form should be emailed to Rina Chandwani at  Please make sure you have included all the following:
•    Application form
•    Cover letter explaining why you are in need of funds, why you have chosen your course of study, and what you hope to achieve from your course 
•    CV 
•    Copy of passport
•    Two recent references on official letterhead, no more than 6 months old, preferably from a course tutor and head of department 
•    Recent copies of bank statements showing 3 months history of transactions
•    Proof of offer together with proof of acceptance from the University on your chosen course of study
•    Confirmation that the University will administer the grant by disbursing the funds to the student, if awarded as the payment will be initially distributed to the University.  Email acknowledgement from the student fees office to the candidate will suffice
 If any documents are missing from your submission, your application may be automatically rejected.

For any queries, you can contact

All grants are awarded at the discretion of the Trustees. Submitting an application is not a guarantee of a grant.

The Humanitarian Trust is a Charitable Trust Registered in England and Wales, no. 208575
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